7 comments on “The Best And The Rest 86

  1. yeah, it’s impossible naman that nobody loves us. it feels like that when we expect from the people, and for reasons only known to them, they didn’t deliver accordingly. last time i felt like that was when i got sick (eons ago), and the people who i expected and hoped to at least asked how i was doing didn’t even bother to check up on me. in any form…pathetic ba?

    well, on the bright side, i found out what they were made of. and i came across better people out of that mishap. perceptions…for me, quality is still better than quantity…also, it matters to see the glass as half full, instead of half empty. dito, i always hear them say, “sometimes life throws you a curve ball.”

  2. whootwoot.. two entries in the blog! yey! and as far as i remember, nag #1 pa sa last batch yung entry ko (#4) hehe.. bragging here.. whoot..
    lolz @ Geyp’s and dru’s entries! :))

  3. Been there than that….sad to say but the reality is life a bitch!…Even
    fairy tale doesnt have happily everafter..The person you loved the most doesnt
    or for the life of him couldn’t love you back.If your not lucky enough, all it
    takes is to fall in love just once and go through life having a hole you heart
    that would surely last a lifetime..Life as already hard as it is.So if you’re
    smart enough you wouldnt waste a single second chasing rainbow thats long been
    gone.you know what they say its better to be a heartbreaker than the one whos
    always brokenharted…:)

  4. excuse me for being opinionated…let me express my point of view – i strongly believe that life is what we make it to be. ang magbigat lang, when other people are doing their thing to make life the way they want it to be for themselves, tinatamaan tayo minsan. there are casualities. however, we must take responsibilities for our actions. life is indeed challenging; and in every challlenge, there is oppurtunity…i hope that i am smart enough to take hold of it, once it presents itself.

  5. excuse the wrong spellings na rin… these cordless keyboards are not as fast as i hoped them to be, plus – i do have spelling issues.

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