15 comments on “El Nido (The Resort)

  1. this is nuts!!!

    i knew i luv palawan – coron, bacuit, sabang, nat nat island etc (and bora can’t get close), but geee! this is just nuts!

    i gotta go back and check this!

  2. we’re also planning to go back to palawan and stay in El nido.(we were there last month) now i know what to expect. naexcite naman ako agad!

    btw, CONGRATS CHICO ON YOUR AWARD (Back to the 80s)
    galing talaga! 🙂

  3. we were there in El Nido just last October. You’ll really appreciate more the beauty of Pinas when you get there. pero other kayo, naka-check in sa MINILOC! SOSYAL! haha! =P

  4. Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay in Miniloc. Thank you for your kind words about our little piece of paradise, especially the part about the environmental briefing and our staff. I’ll pass the message on to our staff 🙂 We hope to see you in Lagen soon! (though it may take offense at being called “snooty”. hehe)

    If you want to see more of El Nido’s environment, the Environmental Concerns department has it’s YouTube channel over at http://www.youtube.com/elnidoenvironment.

    — Macy, former Environmental Officer of Lagen Island Resort

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