10 comments on “Don LaFontaine

  1. i was listening to your news@17 this morning and I wondered how he looked like. Hey chico, I think you can do voice over for movie trailers too!

  2. hey! that’s very interesting! i am not much of a movie goer (occasional lang), however i do enjoy watching trailers (they keep me up to date on that side of life). amazing guy! i like his sense of humor too. thanks for sharing.

  3. i was absolutely saddened by this. the first thing that cracked to my brain was his Geico commercial spot. that to me is classic enough to recall all his other works. =) he will be missed.

  4. I had this strange and ignorant feeling that his voice monopolized that part of the industry…a great voice to miss…and similarly like Don, Kermit will never sound the same. Irreplaceable.

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