6 comments on “The Best And The Rest 54

  1. wooooow.. at last pangalawa ako…

    nakarelate ako sa entry ni jose de vengenge, yung sa up. pero sakin naman, hindi pa din alam ng family ko na umulit ako ng isang year while taking up my not-so-difficult course. hanngang ngayon umaasa sila na gragraduate na ako next year. buti na lang my tta always cover up for me.

  2. really though choices…

    for brads’ entry – kinda difficult situation though still have to compromise with wifey if she will allow you to be away for years..

  3. Marchiechay – Should I go back to church (born again) & break my (Catholic) parents’ heart or not? Who should obey, God or my mom? –> being a catholic(obey mom) doesn’t mean your disobeying God.

  4. i think mas applicable sa entries if the title should’ve been “Top Ten Tough Situations” rather than Choices….hehehehe

  5. Why did I not catch this top ten….I have one entry….

    I don’t know whether to tell my family that my ex-boyfriend from high school and the father of my 3-year-old daughter had fathered a 3-year-old boy the same time i had my child….my daughter is just 2 weeks older than his son….

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