24 comments on “Net-Net Mo! 3


    oh… wait…


    I had goosebumps while watching both vids… The thing is that, I’m not sure if had ’em because they were freaky or just ‘coz they were PLAIN WRONG!!

    Poor kids!! I hope they get their life straightened out before it’s too late!! ESPECIALLY LITTLE DANNYHOTT!!! He may not know it yet, but he’s asking for it!!! HAHAHAHA!!

    I love you’re “net-net mo’s” chico!!

    oh! have you heard of the “FLICKR FAIRYTALE COUPLE: Aaron Nace and Rosie Hardy”?
    Check them out!!! They’re finally together!!!

  2. DEMON, leave this child alone…let his soul be!!!!
    ….(which child you may ask, DANNYHOTT of course!)

    BTW: i agree with amby, i really like your “netnet mo”…but whatever happened to you corny “cornball” jokes…although i get a daily dose of it at your show. i’d love to seem some here at your blog!!!….

  3. My GoD! No wonder Luther Vandross died of a heart attack. I shudder at what the cholesterol content of those burgers might be. Skyhigh I bet.

  4. donut burgers?!! WHOAH!!! but im willing to try! regarding the covered chocolate bacon…theres actually a chocolate bar! i’ve seen it at Rachel Ray’s show when Nigella Lawson was a guest on her show..and they both LOVED the chocolate!! baka masarap naman! hehe

  5. i must agree with you. the mariah junior video is so wrong. that’s what gets my goat with children who aspire to be singers. why sing songs that are not age-appropriate and why do their parents allow it? grrr….and don’t get me started with children who belts.

  6. anak ng….! what or where is this world coming to?! pero interesting sila ah! i will try out that luther burgers. as for the kid…something has to be done…at – if not all, many levels! the need for attention…does he even know what he was singing about? or maybe challenged lang sya. silly little bugger.

  7. mukhang na-uuso ang sweet-salty combination ah..
    have you tried the chocolate-covered potato chips by royce?

  8. on dannyhott – i checked out other youtube broadcast…apparently, so many kids who seem to be below 13 years of age are into youtube broadcasting..trying to show-off their talents with the hope to be noticed or discovered. my outmost concern is that they seem to be unsupervised. there’s so many child predators out there! if unsupervised, these kids are sitting ducks.

    kids will be kids, and sometimes they feel invincible (at any level – feeling they can do anything and get away with it)…they are not yet capable of protecting themselves from people who takes advantage of other people who seem to be seeking or needing attenttion.

  9. Miles, I read an article on that thing that washed up on the beach. They say it’s just a dead dog. The angle made it look like it had a beak with teeth. From another angle, it just looked like a decomposing dog.

  10. And unfortunately (or fortunately), they took out the video of Danny singing “Touch My Body”. Maybe his parents finally realized how creepy it was and took it out. All his other songs are still there, they took out just that one.

  11. chico…so it’s just another hoax then. hmp! people talaga…they have all the time in the world to do unproductive things.

    star.sky…yummm yung royce na chocolate covered potato chips! you can buy it in most of the airports in japan as far sa i know. do you know where else i can get them? if you like salty sweet taste you should try the nestle chocolate covered pretzels it’s something similar. sorry i just forgot what it is called.

  12. hi chico! have been an avid fan of you and delamar way way back.until i got married & ahd kids etc etc. now,i’m back in school taking up my 2nd course and still a fan. thanks for adding me up on your friendster btw.since i discovered this site,my day is not complete if i dnt get to read your entry. very very nice i mean great photos.your the best and the rest are certified stressbuster for me after a toxic school day and duty. good luck! and God bless you and Delamar of course. Tc!

  13. hi there! I listen to your show everymorning on my way to work.. dati sa car now sa celfon ko n lng dahil sa mahal ng gas..you guys make me look crazy on a jeepney or fx! coz sometimes i can’t help but chuckle while listening to you! kainis! anyways,i have a very serious question that has nothing to do with your posts.. I’m just wondering, actually been wondering! if MAR is Del’s surname? pathetic though but im serious about this..kc di ba sometimes her brother sends in entry for top 10.. and he has MAR on his name too… aaaahhhh.. answer me plz.. btw, i listen to you around 7:30 na kc that’s the time im on the road…nag explain??!! hehhehe

  14. @bakeks: there’s royce here in manila, at konbini store somewhere in connecticut street in greenhills. the choco-covered potato chips cost around 500 bucks as far as i can remember.. *faint*

  15. Ang cute nung baby kaya di ako makapaniwala na nakakatakot sya. so I played the vid. Waah! one second pa lang yung nagpplay, pinatay ko na agad. Scary Baby nga!

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