15 comments on “Net-Net Mo! 1

  1. I love the title of this series. 😀

    Anyway, the chocolate coated bacon looks interesting. I wonder how it tastes like. Hmmm.

  2. chocolate-coated bacon? i love chocolates… and almost everything that has been covered with it…

    bacon, however… i think i’ll pass =P

  3. Poor baby dolphin! I think I saw this on TV, nakakaawa talaga yung nanay dolphin as if nga asking for help sa mga divers.. Parang kung ako lang yung isa sa mga divers, kinarga ko na paakyat yung mga dolphins.. Hay, but it really happens.

    *cough*Off-topic*cough* – Chico, pilitin mo naman si Delle na mag-blog na rin.. Hehe!

  4. chocolate-covered bacon? hmmmm…when i visited san diego years back, i was introduced to chocolate-covered salty pretzel. it was very good! maybe it’s the same concept. actually, nakakainis sya in the sense that hindi mo sya matigilan. in line with that thought, i remember back there, there’s “wasabi ice cream” serving at terriyaki boy. the experience was interesting, nung naumpisahan ko, hindi ko na natigilan. oh, i did not order for a 2nd serving…though, i will order if ever they will serve it over here. i won’t buy the gallon.

  5. hehe.. im all alone in our office and i was really laughing my heart out while reading the itlog entries. =D

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