50 comments on “Meet…Cairo

  1. Cairo is so adorable! I have one dog at home, mixed breed, don’t know what. Been wanting to buy a small dog, but don’t have the budget nor the space yet. Hope Cairo lives a long life. He really is so cute!!!

  2. Grabe, Chico, super cute !!!!!!!!!!!! to the max!!!!!!!!! Si Cairo yung cute ha!!! Pero cuter ka, ha ha ha!

  3. cute dog… and that coming from a person who hates anything with four legs and fur is saying something… =) seriously cute dog.

  4. oh my gosh! he’s so cute! i always wanted to have a puppy like him but my mom doesn’t like dogs (she kills them… unintentionally, i mean… she doesn’t have the patience)… I’d probably just get a stuffed toy who looks like him… haha…

  5. oh you got a yapper yorkie alright! he is beautiful. i like how you named your kids – capital cities. hmmmm…i’ve been contemplating if i should get a pet or not. i live in a pet friendly neighborhood…it’s a friendly zoo here – humans and pets alike…however, the spectators are the pets. congratulations!

  6. Hi Chico… congrats on your new baby… he looks very cute…

    Let me see.. what’s next in your ever growing family… a new fish? a new cat? he he he

  7. Hi Chico, it’s me again. Can you take a picture of your ever growing family? I know it would be a challenge for you to put them all together in one group. But I’m just so curious as to the appearances of your other babies….

  8. Wow! This puppy is sickkkk!!! I’ve always thought that the griffon in “As Good as It Gets” was the cutest a dog could ever get, but this yorkie makes that dog look like a … um, dog!


  9. why can’t you post the top ten signs you’re not your parent’s favorite?

  10. awww.. he’s so adorable!!! i also want a yorkshire of my own and your post is convincing me to get one. haha..

    btw, love your entries! keep up the good work 🙂

  11. hi chico!
    congrats on your new pet dog 🙂
    We’ll be getting a mini dachshund as well, next week.

    Do you know of any Philippine-based Forum site for Dogs or pets.


  12. i hate you Chico!!! i’ve been drooling for a Yorkie for weeks now! I HATE YOU!! 😛

    (he’s such a cutie… *gigil* *gigil*)

  13. How cute~~ 🙂 I didn’t know they sell dogs at Tiendesitas. How much is he? My baby wants a dog as well, and I’m thinking of getting one. 🙂

  14. chico, about u thinking that nairobi might be a lesbo-dog for humping a another dog, its practically normal, especially if its hormones are up(inheat-will show signs of humping objects as well)..

    ur yorkie is so cute..what cats do u have?i have for persians..nwy, take care.


  15. what a cute little dog!!!! i’m more of a cat lover, but after seeing Cairo, i think i’d want to have my own Yorkshire Terrier! ^_^

  16. hey chico! i have a female shitzu who reigns the house but when i got married my hubby brought his female siamese cat. it’s been about four months already and they can’t seem to get along…

    help! how do we make them co-exist somehow???

    by the way, another kitty cat will be arriving soon. another female since hubby doesn’t want cross breeding…

  17. Cairo’s food bowl should be made of aluminum since plastic can cause allergic reactions. Purebred dogs are very vulnerable to plastic food bowls.

  18. ooh, he looks like a stuffed toy! I knew you’d make this decision… it’s all over your last post [dogma].

    naalala ko tuloy si chica, my dog. she died. what an elegant dog, my chica. =sniff=

  19. hi chico, nice to see and read all ur blogs. i and my bf are your avid listerner everyday. hope you will greet us on air. i always wish to hear ur voice on the phone but it’s always and always del who’d answer the phone and bit suplada on the phone. thanks

  20. awww….inggit ako… ang cute nya! i want a new pet,but i swear if i bring home another dog,my mudra will kick me out of the house already! lol

  21. man, that is one hella cute pup! i just couldn’t help go “Awwwwww!” first time i saw the pic. XD

  22. waaaaah. for the longest time, gusto ko ipangalan sa magiging anak ko if ever ang Cairo. And you gave the name to a pup. Anyway, cute pup naman. Hehehe. 😉

  23. i don’t usually like dogs but your cute little Cairo made me think twice. I want to have one. Sobrang cute nya talaga. No wonder you got him immediately.

  24. your dog is the uber of cuteness! how i wish i could have one too… unfortunately, my mom’s going to kill me if i bring home a terrier… the hair will most probably cause my dad to have an asthma attack of the third degree! hayzzz…

  25. Chico, Cairo is the cutest Yorkie I’ve seen. He’s given cuter than Jai’s (of the Fab 5) Yorkie. Now you made me what to get one too.

  26. oh, how adorable. 🙂 i’m looking to buy my own teacup yorkie, how much are they in tiendesitas? thanks 🙂

  27. heya, is she a pure yorkie or a mix? I have a chorkie (Yorkie mixed with a chiuaua) and she looks very similar to Cairo? xx

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