11 comments on “Dogma (Dog Dilemma)

  1. hi, i’ve been an avid reader of your blog and i always look forward to the best and the rest posts. anyway, what i’d really like to say is, there’s this thing called love at first sight with dogs and their potential owners (not kidding). if they’re stuck to you like velcro the first time they see you, then you sure are meant to be. my mom’s a breeder and we’re a family of dog-lovers, so that’s how we base it when we sell our pups. we don’t just sell them to anybody. we try to see if the potential owner and the pup would get along. and actually, that’s how i got to be a recent dog-lover convert. i was initially looking for a small pug and i ended up with a shih tzu. the first time i held her, she never let go. and i’ve been happy ever since. good luck with your decision-making. =) c’mon, it can’t be that hard, can it? arf!arf!

    ps- i like ALL the photos you’ve been taking. they’re all spontaneous, fresh and breathtaking. and (some) captions are hilarious too! keep ’em coming!

  2. So, did you end up buying him?? 🙂

    I love dogs too and I usually base my decision to buy if the dog and I get together well the first time I see the dog. Good luck!

  3. cute title– dogma!

    next time, if it’s a cat naman— “puma”? as in, “pusa dilemma”? cornball! ;-p

  4. Had an experience with a jack russel … also in tiendesitas, I touched a jack russel and I let him lick my hands .. as I went away, he went berserk throwing himself in his cage as if running after me .. darn .. are they trained to do that?so that customers couldn’t resist and end up buying them?
    I understand how tough it could be =)

  5. is it because of that new Disney Movie, Beverly Hill’s Chuhuahua, Chico? Because I saw it in the trailer yesterday before Narnia Prince Caspian and it looks awful.

    Cute dog, though.

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