22 comments on “Malapascua (P. 1)

  1. hey chico! (feeling close lang) i always read your blog. you had my sides hurting from laughing trying to take a stab at translating the cebuano signs 😀 happy easter to you and your family. btw, the lessons are paying off! you have the talent.

  2. oh nice shots! maalog lang siguro sa loob ng ride mo, kaya yung ibang shots na off ng konti. i am referring to the vendor, motorcycle and big angry cocks. however, the rest are pretty good! captured yung essence. i’ve never been to malapascua. though i frequently go to cebu din noon, well, work related also. i am more of a mountain person, however, i do enjoy a time at the beach every now and then. thank you for sharing your adventure!

  3. really love reading ur blog. i often visit this to keep me updated. love the shots, the story behind it, so funny! especially the budget room. as in literally budget room! haha! for sure u wouldn’t mind sleeping on that because of exhaustion. can’t wait for the next one! (“,)

  4. Hi Chico!

    When you’re in the motorbike, was there someone behind you? Did you get to wear a crash helmet? In one of my provincial trips, I had to take a motorbike without a helmet and the manong told me “upong lalaki po, ma’am” because another rider was behind me. Good thing the other rider was my friend.

    Can’t wait for the next post!!

  5. can’t wait for your next post. we’ve been to cebu for two summers already. our eldest daughter wants to go back this summer. would you advise malapascua? is the trip kid-friendly? i have an 8 and 1 1/2 year old girls. based on your story, the bus ride seems scary. pwede ba’ng i-taxi yun? what about the motorbike ride? is there an alternative? hehehe, gawin ka bang travel advisor? 🙂

  6. hi there! kuya chico! your photos were so nice can i grab one? hehehe i think you had

    so much fun while taking a picture huh! can you take me there kuya? oops! kidding!

    i also love taking pictures especially when the view is panoramic..

    i’ll be back for the next one… :p

  7. Great pics!
    Me and boyfriend bought D40x (do we have the same cam?) and it is now a week old. Where did you enroll for photgraphy class and how much? My boyfriend wants to enroll. Me? I barely have time to sleep so I’ll just play ‘subject’ for him.

    Hope you can email me the details. =)

    By the way, I see you a lot here in Eastwood. Do you live here. You won’t probably won’t remember it but I was sort of stalking you in Watsons. I’m so in love with your morning show and was just so happy to see you in person here in Eastwood. =)

    God Bless and more power!

  8. Grabe chix you got the coolest blog ever ever ever………..i love it.i feel i already been and seen the places you feature by just looking at it.it was really nice of you chico. i plan on visiting cebu next year and by the way i see it it looks really beautiful.at grabe mga picture nag effort talaga….

    I must say your blog is the most fun and highly educational to visit…hehehe
    Sana you wont get tired of doing this..keep it up!

  9. chico you made me laugh today, =) with that, “Give your ticket to the cat for inspection.” hehehe… napaka-literal na “hipusa”. nyahaha.

  10. Jules, now that you mentioned it, I did the unspeakable! I didn’t wear a helmet! I only realized it when you brought it up. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

  11. Anne, actually I wouldn’t recommend the bus ride for kids that young. It was tough even for an old goat like me. But most resorts offer to fetch you with a van or a revo which would be infinitely more comfortable, I imagine. We were just being kuripot. A van would cost about 2,800 one way. The bus ride, on the other hand, costs about 80 pesos one way. I didn’t see a lot of kids there, though. The main activity would be swimming and frolicking in the different beaches.

  12. Haidee, hey we have the same cam! Looove that cam! I took Photoworks by Leo Castillo (0917-8985362).

  13. hi chico!

    i really really looove your shots!
    and just by looking, feeling ko nakakapunta rin ako sa mga pinupuntahan mo!
    i know that this is not exactly the ideal place to ask you this, but i know that you regularly update and check your blog (kabisado ko na ang address niya by heart dahil sa iyong pag plug sa morning rush!:]) so, might as well use this blog to contact you. anyway, here’s the thing.i’m a 2nd yr FA student in UP… and we have this plate..
    we have to make a brochure of a perfect summer destination that is not listed with DOT’s tourism destination. we have to collect images and other stuff about the place and yeah, make a brochure out of it.
    sooo….here’s the part where you come in..
    can i borrow your malapascua pics? please?
    i swear!!! the pics will be used ONLY inside the classroom and i won’t take any credit for the pics! only you will have it! and i promise to send you the finished plate 🙂
    hope to hear from you soon..


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