14 comments on “Koi Rape

  1. woo… spooky…

    i never actually knew such pretty fish could be so violent. i never really had fish considering the number of cats in our home.

    maybe you could take those kois to a fish expert so you could tell which is male and which is female then you could segregate them (that is, if it’s OK for them to be separated)?

  2. Eversince i saw a video of a group of dolphins gang banging a young female dolphin it was horrible esp seeing how big their penis lamost like a human. I use to like dolphins not anymore! my gooseness gracious scary dolphins!

  3. so api pala mga females in the animal kingdom. so i guess, we females must make ganti in the human race! harharhar!

    koi, wag po, wag po! <— hilarious! 😆

  4. i wouldn’t have known about this! thanks, chico, for the informative entries. keep ’em coming. by the way, i was an avid listener of your radio show until i left PI 5 years ago. i have a blog site and was so happy to stumble upon the c&d blogspot. now i can listen again to your top 10!

  5. “And many people engorge themselves on sex as they would on a juicy burger, munching away and damn the consequences!”

    Wow, never saw sex as a juicy burger. Nice.
    As for the male kois, if you have the males separated from the females, would they do a brokeback?
    Just curious, do you name your kois?

  6. yaiks..di ba mahapdi yun kung taasan yung salt level nung water at injured sila? wala lang. 🙂

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