58 comments on “The Amazing Marc and Paula

  1. hello. i’m fan of the amazing race asia 2 too. paula is really popular in Thailand. She is everywhere even in bus stops. I like her (and Natasha). I’m also rooting for Marc and Rovilson. When I watch the show, it looks like they are really having a great time (unlike other teams who were too serious). My second bet are Paula and Natasha.

    I didn’t know Paula was here in the Philippines. Thank you for telling.

  2. Paula is really popular in Thailand. I saw her ads in malls ang bus stations. I like TARA2 too. I’m rooting for Marc and ROvilson then Paula and Natasha because i think they are just the 2 teams who are enjoying the race.

  3. i love TARA2 too! marc and rovi are just great…cheesy at times but still great! i really hope they win. i also have a tsismis…i read in the TARA2 forums that rovi and vanessa (the sister who had a concussion after the dive) were (i don’t know if they still are) an item. vanessa came over last christmas to see rovi and there are weekends when rovi flies to see her naman.

  4. I immediately liked this season, starting from when they announced who the players were. I think the mix of people is really great. I get sad when ANY team gets eliminated because they all seem interesting, and it would be fun to see all of them win. But you’re right, it was really embarrassing when Teri and Henry yielded Marc & Rovilson. It’s actually a bit logical because Marc & Rovilson are easily the strongest team, but you would think that Henry & Teri would at least want their fellow countrymen in second place.

    Oh, and re the Rovilson & Vanessa thing, don’t they have an ad for a camera, too? I think it’s really cute because at the start of the season, Marc & Rovilson said that they were wishing they’d meet some nice girls in the show, and I guess they did. 😛

  5. Hi Chico, this morning I was listening to you and dell and when you told her that your blog “strange fruit” is the coolest thing right now, she wont believe you. But I would say it it.. really the hip thing now, just to show that there are really a lot of morning rush fans.. I already checked this site a few days ago, but forgot the address, when I checked today and googled chico garcia, there is a lot and i mean a lot that talks about thsi blog.. Wow sikat!!! really.. From a fan of 10 years.. I remember listening to you guys back in highschool I am now an architect and a mom to a cute 2yr old. You can see her pics at http://www.sweetprettynaughty.blogspot.com

  6. hi, until when are the girls will be staying here in the Philippienes? I saw that Paula and the malaysian girl joined the games at Peal Farm, Davao over at Sports Unlimited…

  7. TARA2 is sooo cool~!
    When i heard that marc’s team led the race for N times I just found myself watching the show every weekends. 😀 Makes me soo proud to be Pinoy~!!

  8. Paula stands 169cm.. (5’5″) And she probably wore heels on this interview which added more height. =)

    But watching TARA2 alongside Natasha she seems a bit short.. Guess I’m wrong.. Now I’m thinking, HOW TALL IS NATASHA?! =P

    I’m really rooting for Marc and Rovilson! I really hope they win because I know they deserve to win, I mean they arrived first at almost all the pitstops. so there!

    Chico, your blog rocks my socks! ^_^

  9. hi chico! i always tune in tour show every morning… i love your show along with your team up with delamar (by the way delamar is really cute as i may say! i always watch their show on qtv11) u 2 are great coz u have this chemistry and ur not like any other radio personality that just talks on air but u 2 have this quirky-ness but with sense! really guys i love the both of u and always keep up the good work… may God always shower you with blessings… please say hi to delamar for me please please please! love u both!

  10. fearless forecast:

    a filipino team will win…
    of couse that’s marc and rovilson..
    (hope they do win…)

    and as for the other filipino team….
    hmmm let’s see…
    they will be strucked!
    by this thing called karma..

  11. i do hope marc and rovilson won TARA2! though their great contender are the the gym buddies but to think that they’ve won first place many times.. so marc and rovilson must’ve won.. hehe

    you’re right the filipino couples, i hated most was the woman who kept on nagging and her husband just cried out of shame i guess..

  12. why isn’t del part of this blog 😦
    is this a conspiracy to tease her (if so, it’s working)

    go marc and rovilson. and marc and paula is match made in heaven. 😀

  13. i super love mark nelson and rovilson! crazy wacky fun all the time and they usually lead! yey! after the first season, at least a pinas team is making bawi. hehe…

    i just wish they win. can’t bear to watch them in an ep where they didn’t.

  14. Hi Chico! when was this guesting? omg, i missed it! too bad for me! well, good to know that you’re a fan of TARA 2 as well. i’m rooting for marc & rovi too because they’re just too strong for the race! hehe. and they deserve to win, really! keep up the great work every morning! you make my morning drive a real thrill, especially when i’m stuck in the “parking lot of SLEX!” hahahaha!

  15. that was sooo cool!! i love the amazing race too! my brother and i always watch them. im also rooting for marc and rovilson! my brother says that marc and rovilson, natasha and paula, and the 2 singaporean guys (one of them is mute, i dunno their names), might be the top three because thay have their Sony commercial now. what do you think?

  16. I’m avid fan of Amazing Race Asia 2!!! I’m rooting for Marc (so cute!) and Rovilson (so funny!) I wish to see them winning on the final pit stop!!

  17. Hahaha, wow, so many TARA2 fans! Nice to know I’m not the only one going crazy watching it. I’m actually typing this as I wait for 9pm so I can watch the next episode. Mai-siomai, they dropped by the station last Monday, January 28.

  18. wow! this is so nice! i was actually hoping that paula and vanessa come to the philippines. i wouldnt have known that they’ve been coming to our country ever since TARA2 ended (if not for the forums). and im so glad that paula is with mark! i hope they’ll be a couple! 😀 cant wait for another 30 mins for the next episode. i hope they get the fast forward, be the first (again!) or just not be eliminated!!! woohoo! go mark and rovilson! go philippines! 🙂

  19. An anonymous guy tipped me a comment on my blog post:


    Here is the quote:

    “Speculations that marc and rovilson didn’t make it to as the winner but runner up rather and 3rd place were vanessa and pamela..they are now currently participating in local race event here in the philippines in a beach resort together with some filipino celebrities. however, colin and adrian won the amazing race asia 2. [as you can see they’re the only team featured in the sonyHD commercial.] note that no other team are featured with same style and storyline of the advertisement.”

    Dunno if it is verifiable though 😀

  20. Toshihiko— I think that your anonymous guy may be right. When I saw the Sony commercial of Colin and Adrian, I also thought of the same thing– the two must have won since they’re the only team featured in the Sony HD commercial unlike Rovilson and Vanessa, they share the commercial of the less expensive digicam with the smile sensor thingy… Sigh. I hope we are wrong!!!

    No wonder Paula was promoting the show last week… she and Natasha will no longer be on it next week since they were eliminated in last night’s episode. Super sayang.

  21. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you met Paula and Marc Nelson!! I am such a huge fan…I actually saw Marc Nelson once in Boracay a few years back..me and my sister were walking by the kiosks on the beach…(I was being the “makulit” hyper active kid that I was back then and didn’t really notice..darn it! ahaha just my luck I suppose)..anyway..my sister told me that he actually smiled at us…he seems pretty nice…
    My sister and I have been such fans of TARA2…we were actually rooting for Paula and Natasha’s team, along with Marc and Rovilson..my friends and I use a lot of Rovilson’s catch phrases a lot in our classes…especially in Biochemistry and Microbiology and Parasitology Lab..we’re really headless chickens…
    I really hope Marc and Rovilson win..
    My sister on the other hand has a bad feeling that Adrian and Collin won..because of the Sony HD commercial..
    But I’m still keeping my fingers crossed..

  22. ive heard nga that marc and paula are dating, and ive seen her sa sports unlimited!, its nice that she visited our country,nandito pa ren ba sya?,and kelan uwi nya?,,sana mag artista na lang si paula dito!

  23. oh hell yeah! they were 1st place again!..im betting for them to win no matter what..go marc and rovilson!!!! 😀

  24. I have a great feeling that Marc & Rov will definitely win this race. It’s a 100 percent chance for them bea the other teams. From their first day of the race, they are consistent first placer. They have a good sense of an attitude in their every race…they are so luck to be a part of these amazing race asia.. I’m also rooting for both of them…next week would be their final race…I know they could beat those 2nd placer chinese guys…hehehehe….watch for it guys…..this thursday on axn….

  25. tsk tsk tsk… Rovilson Rovilson Rovilson… Sana si Marc na lang gumawa ng last challenge… Sayang… But the Singaporean guys deserve it.. guwapo nman sila Marc & Rovilson e.. okay na un.. hehe…

  26. I am so heartbroken right now… But Marc and Rovilson did a great job. And they are so proud to carry the Philippine Flag despite coming in third. I love it.

  27. luto ang TARA2… just my opinion… unang una singapore yun, so advantage talaga sa singaporean, mabibilis lang talaga sina marc… then pangalawa sa flags, sinusulat nila mga faves nila before pa magstart race ah or sa apply nila for TARA2 so for sure yun nilagay nung isa sa singaporean yun… so unfair din kasi una pa lang sila na lagi ang nangunguna dun lang talaga sa flags na yun… nagpanic lang siguro si rovilson sa flags kaya di nakapagisip ng tactic, it’s an elimination process kahit apat lang ang alam na flag or senyasan sila ni marc or sana si marc na nagflag tutal kita na naman yun malayo pa lang kta na flags ang next na gagawin… anyways, sayang talaga… MARC and ROV, they’re the one who deserves to win… obvious naman umpisa pa lang… Luto lang talaga, planado na para ipanalo yugn singaporean na yun, siguro para ipakita kuno na kahti may disability hindi hadlang para manalo… luto talaga…

  28. no its not luto, dadaan talaga sila sa ganun sa finals, like in the amazing race 12, they have to remember what country the items to be chosen are from..

  29. count me in! i’m a certified TARA2 fanatic. if not for marc and rovilson i wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes watching the first episode. i’m not into reality game shows. never watched a single TAR/TARA except for this one. suddenly, thursday became my favorite day of the week. these two guys are just great. they may have failed bagging the major prize but what they gained was priceless: the places they’ve been to, the experiences, the fame, the new record set for the most wins (8 0f 13) and most consecutive wins (7), the new friendships (ehem!) and a much stronger friendship between them. let’s just keep in mind that in every TAR/TARA that has yet to come, there will always be an adrian and collin who will take home the major prize but will there be another marc and rovilson to surpass the feat and break the record? until that day comes (hope it won’t) marc and rovilson’s name will stay on top. they’ve just become another obstacle to be conquered by the next TAR/TARA contenders. they brought so much pride to each of us pinoys. esp. marc who, according to him, does not have a single drop of filipino blood in him. belated happy birthday to marc! yesterday, valentine’s day, is actually his birthday. heard he was in boracay with paula. they’re good together. i always thought paula had the prettiest face among all the lady contenders in TARA 2.

  30. hey chico, did u happen to interview them on-air or did they just visit? if they were interviewed, could i download a copy of it just like with the top10?:) coz obviously, i missed their interview on rx.:(

    thanks a bunch!:D

    great blog site by the way.:)

  31. Hi Chico… I’ve been a fan of you and Del for 8 years. I leave for work at 6am and I’m always tuned in to the morning rush. It’s my first time to visit your blog. I agree with you that season 2 of TARA is better than the 1st season. I like our 2 teams as well as the team of Paula/Natasha and Vanessa/Pamela. I agree with CY it will be fun if we see you and dell in the third amazing race asia, I think it will be a blast. Is Del brave enough to do difficult tasks or stunts?

  32. Same here. I was very frustrated when they lost but then good things happen for them… I think they found the love of their lives. Saw Rovilson and Vanessa at some events featured in magazines. They look good together. Paula seems tall in the picture, is she?

  33. wow…
    i’m a TARA2 addict also.Mark and Rovilson did a great job on that race and i must say
    rovilson can be a comedian…hehehe…he has the talent….

  34. paula and marc were a couple a few months ago..but broke up because of their distance problem.. (they are still good friends now though)..when paula’s in the country, marc lets her sleep at his place in Makati..he’s a good friend of mine

  35. Hi Chico, just got time to browse your blog. I’m an avid fan of TARA2 too and even my MOM got hooked on watching it. We were rooting for Marc and Rovilson since day one. I never got to finish the season though but my Mom gave me details on how they lost to Adrian and Colin (with the flag task thinggy, I think…). As for Teri and Henry, funny thing is they live in our neighborhood. One time my Mom and I saw Teri sweeping their yard and we literaly stopped in front of their house and open the car window as she approached us. Then my Mom (due to her amazement)said, “Di ba ikaw yung nasa Amazing Race Asia, yung binubungangaan mo yung asawa mo!” She said “Yeah, **** kasi yung asawa ko eh.” We talked for a brief moment. She even invited us over and told us she’d give us souvenirs (though we decline and promise to come back another time, which we haven’t). I wanted to ask her though who won but she already gave warning firsthand that they are not allowed to give info on who won… tsk tsk tsk

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