17 comments on “The Best And The Rest 4

  1. hi chico! this is myckle(my-kl) mouse…hehehe i only knew about your blog last week. anyways, i’m gonna add this on my bloglines ha…i accidentally stumbled upon this site chicogarcia.blogspot.com it’s in spanish…i forgot you’re on wordpress pala…I super enjoy your show ever since I moved here in Manila…Im even buying an MP3 player with FM(yes, my phones doesn’t have a radio) so that I can listen to you after work since I’m on a graveysrd shift…

  2. Hi Chico!

    Finally read your blog…. galeng! grabe! hehehe

    Just an observation… the earlier parts you used to tell us why you came up with the topics for the top ten… then towards the later its just our entries.

    We’re flattered by the way but it would be so nice to read the reason why and how you came up with your interesting topics.

    Keep the faith WE LOVE THE BOTH OF YOU!!!

  3. How about Joey Ayala’s song (I’m not sure about the exact lyrics): “Ang pag-ibig natin ay walang hanggang paalam. Habang magkalayo, papalapit pa rin and puso. Kahit na magkahiwalay, tayo’y magkasama sa magkabilang dulo ng mundo…”

  4. Wow, namiss ko tong top ten.. its been so long since i’ve last listened to you guys… huhuhu. as i’m out of the country. buti na lang someone mentioned that you have a blog.. i’ll be updated na. i’ll link you in. keep posting! 🙂

  5. hi chico!

    Of course mine will be from my idols TEARS FOR FEARS. “I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad, The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had….. MAD WORLD….

  6. hi kuya chico!

    hehe..wow..nakakatawa ung mga entries..buti na lng nalagay mo cla d2…syempre im so thankful kse sinama mo ung entry ko..hehe..i rili enjoy ur show every morning with ate del..di tlga complete ang araw ko pag di ko kayo napapakinggan..more power and more funny memories!…thanks again!

  7. Teacherjeny, thanks a bunch! Myckle mouse, thanks for adding me on your blog roll! And sorry for always mispronouncing your name on the show! I’m just really used to saying your name as if it sounded like the “i” in Mickey Mouse. I’m trying my best 🙂 Jedi Master, good suggestion, I’ll make sure to put a little something before the entries, thanks! Valerie, great to keep in touch with you guys who are abroad! Oops, Hanazawa Rui, which entry is yours? Please tell me so I could make the necessary correction, sorry! And thanks to those who posted their own entries here in the comments section. Makes the blog more dynamic.

  8. hi chix..i’v deen listening 2 ur show since 2000..i remember the first hot ten that i was able 2 listen 2 was the hot 10 gift u want to give 2 a celebrity…tawa ako ng tawa sa mga entries don…..saka ung sagot mo mug…u said u’ll give 2 kuh ladesma..as is kuh mug…hehehehehehehe

  9. hi chico!

    cool site that you have here. i cant stop laughing eventhough i already heard them as i always listen to your show. hope you can update the entries more often (hehe not being demanding or anything). juz wanna say that you make waking up and going to work much more bearable haha! i referred your blog to my friends who are out of the country. we could all use the smiles and laughter that you bring!

  10. oh i remember posting something like this..pero hndi lyrics, it is more of ANONG GUSTO NYONG ILAGAY SA TOMBSTONE NYO WHEN YOU DIE? sagot ko: PRE NAUNA NA KO, SUNOD KA NA LANG HA!

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