24 comments on “Monsters In Hong Kong (P. 1)

  1. nice pictures! hong kong changed a lot since i’ve been there. beautiful people! seemed like you guys had a wonderful time…i like smiling faces. also, your live streaming via eRadioPortal is working perfectly! real-time na. if you have anything to do with it to put it back in order — Thank you.

  2. wow! ganda ng pix niyo! evidence of a grand vacay!

    at kayong dalawa (C&D), talagang candid shot pa! =)

    can’t wait for the others! thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey Chico, nice pics! It’s nice to finally put a face with the names – honestly, I don’t ‘know’ ALL the DJs of RX (syempre except for you & Delle plus give or take mga 2 more) and thanks for putting their corresponding shows.(“,) Can’t wait for the other pics! Tc!

  4. Hi Chico, can you pls ask Delle where she got her jacket? Thanks! 🙂
    i love your site by the way, it’s a stress reliever. I always visit here when i feel like having a nervous breakdown. ;p

  5. hi chico! great pictures.. baket prang yung sa inyo lang ni del ang candid? daya! ahaha! did you guys go to disneyland? can’t wait for the next batch of pix =)

  6. I’m glad you were able to get your valuables back. It must have really been a very stressful moment for you back then. Good thing the person who got your valuables has a kind heart and everything was returned to you.

    I actually liked the picture of the Jumpstart crew. Ang kulit nung nasa likod eh 😀

    Wonderful pics!!! I’m looking forward to the rest of ’em.

  7. pretty and cool pics chico! wohoo! i love tom’s picture..hehe feeling ko crush ko sya.. i get kilig everytime i hear his voice over the radio! but don’t tell him ha….haha 😛

  8. guys,

    where did u stay in hongkong?? me and my family went there during the holiday seasons and stay at parklane hotel alone causeway bay. based on u’r discussion this morning, i would say u guys also stay at the same hotel, am i right?? were u able to go the the peak tower?? there’s the famous wax museum of madame tussad. we were able to took many pictures with the wax figure, there was also a wax figure of the late benazir bhutto. upon our return to manila, we learned about her death. we also had a lots of pictures which i’m willing to share on one conditions, it’s only for u and del’s viewing, no posting on u’r blog, if that’s ok with u. regards to del.


  9. wow!! must have been fun! what if you really lost your papers? what if the person who found them wasn’t a nice person? im now imagining you “standing in a puddle of tears”.. haha!

  10. Hey Chico! You’ve got a nice cam.. Did you use it in HK? =) nice photos… Don’t you have a multiply account where you can store a lot of photos?! kindly advise if you have… =) more power to rx!

  11. Chesa and Kikhai, these were taken using my Olympus camera, and some are from Jude Rocha and Raffy B. Gelie, some went to Disneyland, but I didn’t. Teacherjeny, don’t worry, a lot of girls (and guys!) find Rico Robles hot. Same with you Geraldine, Tom’s an RX heart throb as well! Sly, we stayed at the Kimberley Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui. We also saw the wax museum, but we didn’t go inside anymore. Machuchay, don’t worry, more pics coming up! Kikhai, I don’t have a multiply account yet, I got my hands full for now with the blog. Someday, maybe!

  12. tsim sha tsui?? wer u able to watch the symphony of lights show along the victoria harbour?? they say the best spot is along the promenade walk near the avenue of the stars? we were there on the 23rd of december, i wanted to watch it sana during our stay, but my kid and nephews we’re all tired already from shopping at toy r’us at the harbour city terminal that afternoon, that they’re begging we went back to the hotel already. it was around 6pm though i understand the show start at 8pm. since we’re schedule to go to disneyland the next day, with deep regrets in my heart, i follow their desire and missed the symphony of lights show, hoping we could went back there some other time, but it didn’t materialized. anyway, hoping u and del had a great time there in hongkong. good luck and more power to u guys.

  13. Between panic attacks and images of me left behind, standing in a puddle of tears, I then realized I was missing my passport, ticket, and boarding pass! I added 2 and 2 together and concluded that I left them at Delifrance when I bought my breakfast.

    mine was even worse. these all happened before our flight from macau to manila last month. let me relive those moments.

    1. before leaving for the aiport, my dad had to pick up an exta luggage that i was supposed to be carrying. since we carry more bags on our flight back to manila, he reminded us to be extra mindful of who carries which especially when we get to the airport.

    2. inside the car, on our way to the airport, i realized i left my phone at my brother’s place, so as soon as he dropped us off at the airport, he volunteered to drive back home to get that friggin’ phone. i was lucky because it’s only a 10-minute drive from the airport to where they live, but was so guilt-ridden, knowing how inconvenient it was for my brother to do such favor.

    3. at the boarding gate, found out that i didn’t have my camera in my bag. though i nearly suffered a heart attack at the thought of losing tangible reminders of our travel, i still maintained my composure to not cause any commotion as i presented my boarding pass to the ground steward. then again, i simply couldn’t contain it. my thoughts were so scattered that just seconds after they tore a piece of my boarding pass, i lost sight of the other piece. i turned extremely frantic as i searched my carry-on luggage and my pockets, but i couldn’t find it. my parents were so annoyed by my chronic absent-mindedness. since the flight was already delayed, the ground stewards just assigned a vacant seat for me. im so fortunate that i was few seats away from my parents or else, i’d hear from them.

    4. on-board the plane, my mom handed me my camera that she said i gave her when i decided to do last-minute duty free shopping. told her my hysteria when i thought i lost it. and as expected, she replied with just a sigh of exasperation. hehe!

  14. my first time to look at ur blogsite and pics……chico, u have that pasvil conductor look with that waist bag….peace:)

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