34 comments on “Hong Kong Holiday

  1. Hi Chico! My name’s Joni, I listen to RX every morning when I go to work. You guys rock!

    Your blog url was mentioned this morning, so I thought I’d check it out today. This is my first time to visit your blog. 🙂

    Btw, if you’re interested in getting your own dot com domain and a self-hosted blog, maybe you’d like me to sponsor you? I have my own webhosting and I’m a blog designer, just thought I’d offer my help! Free of charge of course, as a fan. hehe.

    Anyway, have fun in Hong Kong! And more power to your show! 🙂

  2. enjoy your Hong Kong trip! mukhang masaya yan kase kasama yung ibang RX jocks.. 😀 dont forget to get those shots and share it with us.. 😀

  3. Diane, the song is “Best Days” by Matt White! Thanks guys, I promise to share pics and stories when we get back. Promise, Cherry-pie! We’re so excited! Joni, sorry I’m such a techno-idiot, but what does that mean, a dot-com and self-hosted?

  4. Hi again, Chico! Sorry about that, hehe! What I meant was, I can set up a WordPress self-hosted blog (one that’s not hosted by wordpress.com) like, for example, chicogarcia.com or chicogarcia.net (assuming these domains are still available). My websites, taintedsong.com and joniang.com are both powered by WordPress but they’re separate from the free blog hosting of wordpress.com. I pay for my domains and webhosting every year. If you want, I can sponsor you so you so you’ll have your own “yourname.com” place in the Internet but still enjoy it for free, just like you do now with wordpress.com.

    I don’t know if this is something that interests you, but I just thought I’d offer. As a fan. hehe 🙂

  5. enjoy ur hong kong trip chico! i will miss you and del for about 4 days?!.. quite long huh?! anyways.. enjoy!

  6. Hi Chico,

    Me and my brother have long been listening to your show with Del. Mornings won’t be complete without you guys. Your blog is really entertaining, especially your slide show…luv the song as well. Maybe you should play that one of these days. Good luck to you and Del and to the show. Mabuhay ang mga die-hard rushers!!!!

  7. hindi me masyado nag enjoy listening kanina..
    namissed ko yung craziness on air niyo ni del..
    i mean tyung laughing trip niyo ni del..

  8. wow!!…enjoy!…

    but im gonna miss the whole staff..
    especially my morning boosters…
    syempre that’s you and delle, who else?

  9. hi chico,

    my older bro introduced me to rx when i was still in highschool and until now we’re listening to you guys, i am now working in bermuda and thanks to bluritz we can still listen to u guys!

    keep it coming! and more power to u both!

  10. Finally, I had the time to visit your blog. Enjoy your HK trip and don’t forget to share pictures. 🙂

    I wrote about you and Del today. I hope you’ll find the time to read it soon.

    Take care and long live Morning Rush!

  11. Absent ako from school this week cause of some sickness that deprived me from waking up very early in the morning just to hear my fave DJs. X__X But when i opened the radio na this morning~ ABA! Nasa HongKong pala kayo! 🙂

    ENJOY ENJOY! I hope we get to hear funny stories from your trip. XD

  12. hi chico, this was the 2nd time i viewed your blog and i tell you it was really entertaining! imagine, i was about to go to sleep @ 10pm when i decided to visit your site and now its already 12mn, how am i going to wake up early later?hehe.. nways, i just wanna say that my sister and i miss the both of you so much.. nga pla, we’re silent rushers (cmula p nung nsa ….!hihi) enjoy ur vacation!

  13. hi chico! just wanna check out your blog haha! WEEKS after hearing you ADVERTISE your site over and over again, i decided to check it out today coz i have free time hehe its great! wish you guys are back!! sorry to say to the jocks on RX since friday, but i kept changing the station (sorry….) i miss you and del! hope to hear you tom on my way to work!!

  14. Hi Chico,

    I listen to you and Del every morning as I drive to work. I love your happy outlook and of course the Top Ten : ).

    I missed hearing you two the past days : )!!! Welcome back!

    I went to hong kong too last september with my brother and it was a total fun holiday for us too!


  15. Hi Chico,

    I’ve been listening to your show for years and it made me adore your show. You have a great tandem. Keep up the good work and hope i could visit you one of these days since i am just a few blocks away from your station. Thank you for spending some time reading my message. God bless and take care always.

    Best Regards,

  16. Chico, I was told by an attorney who’s a great photographer as well that you can study with the best of the photographers based in Intramuros.I was there last week and you’ll see their office if you commute. Sorry I don’t know the exact street.But I assure you that it’s very visible and you could probably ask one of your journalist-friends.

  17. Joni, that’s so kind of you! That would be nice. Ed, you got an interesting blog. I try to check out the blogs of all of you guys as well, it’s fun. Cochi, it would be an honor to have my blog as a link in your blog roll! Jepoy, THAT’S A GREAT IDEA!!! But how do I do that? Does WordPress have something to put that up?

  18. Hi chiCo!where are the HK pics??:)
    I’ve seen a lot of pics in multiply, but am interested
    with the anecdotes and stories you promised 🙂
    you mentioned during the show this morning that
    you’ll post the pics today ah!:P
    nwy, hope you find the chance soon .. don’t get lazy please ^_^

  19. …:)

    cool blog…

    *morning rush fan*


    keep up the good work with del…

    ad the pics that you’ll post..

    nasan na?…

  20. Hey Chico, so do you want me to go ahead set it up for you? We can then import your entries from this blog. Just let me know by sending me an email! 🙂

    btw it looks like chicogarcia.com is no longer available, but chicogarcia.net is.

  21. hi there, chico! your blog is so entertaining! 🙂 i’ve been here for the most part of my Sunday, reading and catching up on the top 10s, the station’s HK trip, checking out the photos of marc and paula, and basically, having a peek at the life of the voice (wish del has her own also).

    i’m a huge fan of tara and was equally brokenhearted as you were when i heard from your show that marc and rov didn’t win. oh, it was one of the saddest days of this year. i was in denial, and went to research mode if it’s true. sad talaga that it was true, dampened my week actually. sigh. reading your blog on their loss makes me feel better, knowing that somebody is as olats as i am in accepting their defeat (hirap talaga when we invest emotionally on something). hehe!

    back to the reason why i’m leaving a reply, about one of your dream vacation spots – MALDIVES! i’ve been there with my family about 14 years ago and it is soooooo beautiful. Pristine beaches that truly elevated my taste in sea/sun/sand destinations, magnificent sea creatures within your grasp at the shoreline (you don’t even have to snorkel out, even less, dive), picturesque landscapes you can shoot and you’d feel like a pro already! the people are warm and simple to deal with also. i’ve only been there for 3 months, but i really fell in love with those dots under Sri Lanka and India. i intend to go back soon, because i think the islands are disappearing fast and in my lifetime (as i’ve read before), due to global warming. a mental note for me: need to save up fast! my friend from Singapore texted me that there are budget fares to Europe now, via Lufthansa Air. i wonder if there’s any to Maldives. let’s go!

    this has been long, got too excited, sorry. 😀 chico and del, you’ve always brightened my daily, dreary commute to work. 😀 you guys don’t know how much you make my mornings lighter. thank you for being my constant companion, my breath of fresh air, my reason to smile, to grin, to laugh and to be eyed as a crazy person when i do all these alone, in succession, or in various order. my heartfelt thanks, chico and del. 🙂

  22. hello Chico!

    I’ve been listening to you for about a decade I think except when I’m out of the country. Recently, I came back and I started listening again to Morning Rush and you mentioned about your blog and now I’m reading it during lunch.

    It’s nice to know that the places you wanted to visit are mostly with nice
    beaches or if not a place with a grand pool (Turkey). I remember one time my Japanese boss asked me after his recent leisure trip to Turkey “Carl-san, where in the world do you want to go?” and I said the Bahamas, Acapulco, Maldives…mostly beaches. And I said the Vatican in Rome only as an after thought. He asked me why I still wanted to go to other beaches in the world if we have so many exquisite beaches here in the Philippines?

    You, Chico, why? Why do you still want to go to other beaches in the world? =)

    BTW, I saw in a travel show in Japan that a resort in Maldives can customize their “amenities” to you like your pillow. If you want them soft, stiff, made in down, cotton balls, fur or whatever rich people can think of…

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