6 comments on “Monster Headaches

  1. I thought what I had before were random headaches, but late last year, around October I think or November, I was diagnosed with a mild migraine. You should have it checked. Baka ganun din sayo.

  2. Purple has a point chico… nagpatingin ka na ba? I think I had a similar experience when I started learning lawn tennis. I really wanted to be good at it that I played almost everyday back in college and after 1 month I can’t move my right wrist. Luckily nakuha sa pahinga.

  3. Yup, I’ve seen a couple of doctors and they’re basically saying it’s probably nothing serious. But knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it any less painful.

  4. hi chico! if i may ask.. r u stil in that water hockey thing? maybe holding ur breath 4 sometime causes ur headaches.. though may i suggest u visit a neurologist they specializes on those things,coz throbbing headache as u describe it is not really normal..tc

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