11 comments on “The Many Faces Of Chico

  1. wow. the last bit was just… cool. meant to be? hahaha!

    when i tried the googling thing with mine, i ended up seeing mainly two people with my name: a daycare and porn star. what does that say about me???

  2. hmmm…chico del mar…

    it’s a sign!!!!…meant to be talaga!!!..hehehe…

    but like cherry said…you’re the best chico on earth, ever!…

  3. Haha, Chico Del Mar was amazing. Chico on the outside, Del on the inside, haha.

    I tried mine and it turned out that I was a missing person in Nebraska. It must be the real me.

  4. chico del mar!!! the best…

    in fairness i googled delamar and saw

    * The Delamar on Greenwich Harbor – One of the best new luxury hotels in the world
    * DELAMAR ACADEMY :: HOME Make up school validated by Middlesex University
    * and third was our delamar =The Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar= YAHOO


    For the past 15 years, DELAMAR has been dedicated to providing cost effective and long term solutions to problems faced by industry, facilities, and the U.S. Military. Because of our association with the world class products we represent, DELAMAR is able to offer not only our own hands on expertise, but the experience of our associates across the country and around the world.

    hmmm just a side note… i checked out my name and boy i was a not so sexy porn star haay… she didn’t give justice to our uniquely spelled name!!!

  5. chico on the inside and del on the inside, perhaps… but it just might be: chico by day, del by night!!!

    btw, the picture of your OWN face isn’t on this blog….

  6. hahaha! hello chico! welcome to the the blog world. err.. am i too late for that?

    keep on blogging!


    I miss Morning Rush. 😥

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