11 comments on “Backstab!

  1. wow first to comment.

    i strongly agree with your point. backstabbing is a vicious cycle of unasked opinions edited, manipulated, recycled and basically founded on observations and/or first impressions that just went wrong. in my case, backstabbing was the number one illness in high school. everyone hated/ disliked me, but if you ask them why, no one would be able to give a concrete or even acceptable answer, because all of them just went with the flock. its sad. which is why i try to make it my life mission to tell anyone who would speak badly of a person, i know or not, that if they don’t like this person, WHY TALK ABOUT THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE? a lot of people get quiet when i ask them this… some would still answer, but that would be the last time they would talk to me.. but that’s fine… as you said, those who backstab people while talking to you, will also/ might also do it to you with another person, or, ironically, to that same person he/she was backstabbing in the first place.. i wouldn’t want to speak with that person if that’s the case….

    great blog btw… happy holidays!

  2. i recently had the worst case of backstabbing i have ever experienced in my life. it came from a “best friend” from law school. fortunately for me (unfortunately for her), she blabbed it all to my real best friend in law school. this real best friend who initially wanted us to patch things up suddenly, as if so disgusted that a “best friend” would say such things about me, recounted to me everything “best friend” said.

    you’re right, it’s the worst when it comes from the last person you expect it from. unlike if it came, for example, from sleazy popular girls who sneer behind the new pretty girl, which is kinda expected. but if it’s from someone you trust, it’s sad to be utterly betrayed.

    i don’t want war so i decided not to confront anymore or defend myself from her judgmenys. i opted to just be civil with “best friend”. however, i totally changed my relationship with her. i now keep her at a distance and no longer trust her. she feels this and is sad but i can’t say she didn’t make her own bed on this one.

    sorry, this entry just touched a nerve.

  3. Backstabbing hurts so much more when the stabbers gain support from peers and they gain so much confidence that they don’t even wait for you to at least turn around before hitting.

  4. Backstabbing is normal to humans. But, yes, it’s evil. We are all guilty of that.
    Well, back stabbers are really cowards. And they are also the insecure ones. They think like this, “Why the hell is he so perfect?” That’s why they back stab people. 🙂 Sorry for my grammar. I’m kinda ‘sabog’ today! 😀

  5. You guys have no idea. Mere days after I posted this, we got a major dose of not just backstabbing, but outright betrayal! Let’s see if I’ll post about it in the future. I’m not sure if it’s really for public consumption.

  6. it’s a sad truth.. acceptable for high school kids but so frustrating for adults, who even claim they are religious

  7. Oh Chico, great post! this is something I’m going through right now and its really not great.I am very vocal person, and I gotta be honest, I can be tactless at times, but hell to the NO, I don;t gossip or backstab, I filter info and I don’t share secrets shared to me.That’s why its very irritating to know that some random person will spread rumors about you and other will just feed on it.agh.infuriating!

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