12 comments on “Lucky Me

  1. glad to hear that you finally have the winning streak. I think a wider perspective is always needed if you feel like you’ve never been given anything nice.

    then you start getting your payback. and it’s ALL good. hope it lasts… Ü

  2. Nice! Haha! I too, was a loser when it comes to raffles. That’s why I don’t fill up raffle tickets anymore. I wish this “curse” would lift up soon!

    … I want the portable DVD player! ^_^

  3. Wow, good thing I stumbled upon your site. I like what you write, and I’m so like you, a loser when it comes to raffles, but then we are blessed in so many other things so I feel it’s okay. But how I wish I’d win too, “just one time Lord, let me win the lotto please ” ( Aim high daw kaya lotto na lang ang pangarapin ko hehehe.. )

  4. Hehehe…I just read in this astrology website that I’ll be extra lucky when it comes to raffles and lotteries around January 8, so I’m not taking chances. I’ve been betting on the lotto EVERYDAY, and one pot is already 38 million pesos, while the other is 68 million! Wouldn’t it be grand to be lucky in both love and gambling?

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