15 comments on “Fanboy

  1. i offically envy you chico!
    del is so kilig in a school girl-type of way! LOL
    yeah, the video post from matt is funny!

  2. Hi Chico! I was there too! 🙂 My boy and I had the greatest time of our life but I can’t remember if they sang Sunrays and Saturdays as you guys requested, did they?

  3. chico, i’m so happy to read about your vertical horizon concert experience. i was offered free tickets on the day of the concert itself and i’m soooo glad i didn’t turn it down. truly, the rapport between the band and the audience was the best thing about the concert. they were just feeding off each other’s energy. the band, constantly gracious and in awe of the audience’s reception to them, and the audience just wanting to make the band feel more welcome and appreciated. i rarely go see concerts, but i’m glad i got to see this one. more glad than seeing beyonce live. thanks to my friend for remembering that i like the band and offering me those two free tickets.

    p.s. after the concert, i wanted to write about that experience too, though my lazy ass hasn’t gotten around to doing it yet. but i found your post and i guess i ended up using it as an outlet, so thanks. 😉

  4. Hullo! I was there too! they didn’t sing Sunrays & Saturdays though… But they were amazing! =p

    p.s. love your picture! i so envy your job. =)

  5. It’s still the best I ever had. But expectations are high for then Maroon 5 concert in March! I’m so excited! I have some pics during the Taylor Hicks press conference, but I’m still waiting for some other pics from someone…

  6. Woohoo NSYNC!!! AND SUPER FAN AKO NI CHRIS…thus, the nick…even in the cover songs that i occasionally record, kirkpatrick ang artist name ko..haha..:-D He also voiced a character in Fairly Odd Parents…Chip Skylark III…pop star pa rin hanggang don..:)

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