25 comments on “Yes, I Was Bored

  1. not just an ordinary animal pic, all of them are unique. Chico you must really be bored to have time finding this cool pics. 🙂

  2. yep, welcome to the blogosphere. 😛

    loooove the pics. hilarious. especially the squirrel. (is that a squirrel? the one with huge, er, yeah.)

  3. ha ha, you are realy a funny funny guy chico,no wonder del envy you,your a natural and a genius,well in a funny way.

  4. Hi! heard about your blog while listening to you this morning.
    Great pictures! these were edited. right? unless that panda really looks like a dog.. hehehe!

  5. Glad you guys enjoyed it. The post started just as a test post. I was trying to figure out the different ways to upload pictures. One pic turned to a couple, and before I knew it, I had quite a few that I really loved. So I decided to make it official and post it. I’d say the squirrel’s nuts and the dog’s panda color were probably photoshopped. Hope to come up with more photo-essays in the future.

  6. hi rico! great site! looking for random things is a great way to pass the time. it enhances the creativity. love the 2 frogs as well as the miss piggy pic hahaha. got other muppet scandals? hehehe

  7. i heard your blogsite this morning and i checked as soon as possible! nice blogsite though!
    you guys really brightens my day. i worked in a call center and OMG, it can be really tiring and frustrating at the end of the day, but listening to you guys make my day right!(especially when i have to make loads of reports during my shift!) i really love how you read top ten.. haha! basta lng.. its cute! hehe 🙂
    keep on blogging! 🙂 ( and more smiles! 🙂 )

  8. those pics are so cute… i was scrolling down and amazed by those pics and saw the last pic of miss piggy and ended up laughing… i think she should pose in a playboy magazine, haha

  9. these pics are sooo cute!! actually I have most of these myself…you know those moments when you just cant’t get enough of the “aww cute!!”…yep..that’s basically me..hehe…I’m a sucker for cute things…although I have to say..the overgrown hair on that rabbit is kinda scary…(at first you don’t know what the heck that thing is..)

  10. woooo, i like the sheep and the penguin! 🙂

    maybe i should post some of my pets’ pics on my blog site for everyone who wants to see them. 😉 you should visit it some time 🙂

    keep on posting!

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