10 comments on “Thanksgiving

  1. despite all the bad things that we go through in life, there are always more to be thankful for.

    it’s great that your sister is well! that’s definitely a miracle…

  2. hi chico,
    i’m a regular listener of your show (though i am not a regular contributor since i hardly text and drive for safety hehe).
    anyways, i didn’t know about your sister (oopss it’s as if we’re close hehehe). but i am glad she’s doing okay now.
    i had a sister who suffered from leukemia about 10 yrs ago. she didn’t survive. same as you, i don’t want to relive those moments since it was the most trying times of my life. but i am thankful that i learned a lot from that experience. it was the time that i have matured and strengthened my faith in God (thus, my main motto is things happen for a reason… you may not know the reason now, but sooner or later, it will be unfolded to you).
    heavy stuff 🙂
    2nd anyways, this is a nice site. continue blogging! 🙂


  3. btw, my nick is rightyritch…. remember about that contribution in your top10 wherein my good friend didn’t invite me to his wedding.. that was me! hehe

  4. Hi Chico,

    I love the way you write. You’re great with words, I could feel your story. Anyway, goodluck to your family.

    I heard on your show about you blogging. Better late than never right?! Hahaha!

  5. Thanks for the kind messages. I know we don’t really know each other, but I could feel the empathy of friends. To rightyrich, so sorry to hear about your sister. These things don’t choose when and who to hit, so all we can pray for is to handle it with grace when it does.

  6. Just before Christmas, I found out that a good friend’s mother is pretty ill. I guess it’s really just a cycle that’s inevitable to everyone. It’s just a matter of scheduling. It’s not being morbidly fatalistic, but we have to be prepared when it hits.

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