22 comments on “Strange Fruit

  1. congratulations!

    I myself cannot maintain my own blog, though I rarely reveal myself in these virtual pages.

    rock on! this is just plain coolness!

  2. ive been listening to your show for about 2 years now and its nice to see that youve caught the itch to blog (hehe). The news about the internet being “full” by 2010 wont be that bad though, Moore’s law indicate that computer hardware advances will be doubling approximately every two years. so that means faster computers and will have bigger capacity to store our precious video blogs and blogs.

    so keep blogging!!

  3. you created your blog on my date of birth! welcome to the world of blog! keep those top 10’s coming! heard your link this morning on your show.

    kudos to your show!

  4. Wow, you guys are great! Hehehe…it inspires me to write more posts. Thanks, “j”, for the info. I just fell in love with the internet and my laptop, so what a shame if it was all for nothing. I just had my storage increased and my OS upgraded, and next week, I’m getting a RAM upgrade. I’m arming myself with better tools. I love my ibook!

  5. congratulations on your blog chico….if you could remember i was the one who’s been asking how to get a copy of your book…up until now i haven’t had the chance to get one… too bad…could you have that book published by our local publishers here in RP?

  6. It’s great that you get a time to keep a blog! Welcome Chico! Di naman siguro jologs mag-comment ng tagalog dito no?

    I heard about your blog (I think I heard it last Tuesday… basta nung in-announce mo yun), and I thought I’d say hi, so…

    HI! 😀

  7. para lang akong nakinig ng Rush Hour minus Delamar, sana may part din si Delamar. Nice layout chico! Dont worry I’ll make room for you and delete my blog. Ahaha!

  8. sa larangan ng literatura. hindi pinipili ang estado mo for as long sa marunong kang magpakawala ng iyong sentimyento hinggil sa isang bagay. pumili ka ng naisa mong medium sa pagpapahayag, maging praktikal sa paglalahad. sa mundo ng blogging (shocks!!!hindi ko alam Filipino) hindi na masyadong pinapahalagahan ang itsura ng blog basta may laman ang sinasabi pasado na ito sa madlang-lipon ng mga mahilig magsulat.

  9. hi,chico! finally, had the time to read the blog. very good, ei! congrats!
    btw, chico is waaayy lot better than any other fruit
    looking forward to read more! hehe

  10. i chanced upon your blog while listening to today list of “The Best You’ve Ever Had” and delamar was chiding you for your intermittent mention of your blog’s address =] suffice it to say the “inadvertent” ads were effective =]

    welcome to the pinoy blogosphere!

    (now I get it, why strange fruit. i thought you got it from a company of acrobats from australia. here’s a glimpse of them: http://elsalvadordelmundo.blogspot.com/2007/08/start-to-finnish-4-night-of-arts.html in any case, they’re as uniquely interesting as this site is turning out to be =])

  11. congrats chico on ur new blog!! nice layout i must say.. ur really a good writer hope ul have d chance 2 publish a book.. u know.. bout ur stuffs..life.. or anything.. im sure ul make us morningrushers happy!

  12. You’re a good writer! I like your blogs! Uhmm, just a question, did you choose your name as a DJ? The Chico name, I mean. That Rambo Tan was so funny! Why didn’t you get that?! haha! nice! keep blogging! 🙂

  13. Enrico, I think my book is extinct. Even I can’t find a copy for myself. I went to New York in 2002 and couldn’t find a copy. It went by the way of our now also extinct CD’s…hehehe. Mariano, you can comment using any language you want (on second thought, stick to Tagalog or English because those are the only 2 languages I know)! Hibachibaby, apparently there will be enough room by that time, so keep your blog! Ian, actually I have, so far, 4 reasons why I chose “Strange Fruit”, or 4 different ways to read into it. So you can read into it as much as you want! Encee, to be a writer is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Jahymagician, I chose Chico because I used Rico (my real name) in a previous station.

  14. i’m another ‘unfashionably late’ blogger as well and bumped into your ‘strange fruit’ through a friend’s site. i enjoy reading your entries that i will be hooked. i listened to your show when i stayed in manila for some months in 2003. too bad i can’t follow it; i’ve been staying in pagadian since (we’re in zamboanga del sur in mindanao, in case you might have missed it). like the fruit, it’s energizing and nourishing. keep the blooms coming!

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